Bhutan Tour For 4 Days & 3 Nights

Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, is no emblematic place. It is a Himalayan kingdom loaded with superstition and mythology, where the finest historic culture blossom and the most recent universal enhancement are vigorously grasped. Rich in Culture and welcoming folks, one can see the uncommon way of living at marvelous Bhutan's Kingdom. The trip of Bhutan tour from Nepal will be totally different from Trekking in Nepal's Himalayas where engaging with culture and places will be focused rather than hike or trek.

The country of Bhutan is also respectfully known as ‘The Land of Happiness’ because of the current survey which was concluded that the folks of Bhutan are the cheerful folks living on earth!

This alluring country grips its own particular and sole existence on the entire planet. The ritual and culture is the most vital aspect for the folks of this country and the fusion of it with nature and the stunning Himalayas is something that can blast away anyone’s mind and soul.

Being based on the southern hill of the eastern Himalayas, the land resides mostly of lofty and steep mountains and hasty rivers that shape into the broad lowland. It is also repleted with numbers of monasteries and Dzong.

Bhutan can be recognized as a Buddhist country too as the chiefly Buddhist ritual is pursued here. Major livelihood possessions of the Bhutanese are tourism, hydroelectric power, and agriculture. This country has perpetuated its custom, culture with foremost vital and the folks out here use the dress that used to be adorned from ancient days.

During the package of 4 days Bhutan tour from Nepal, you will reveal ancient monasteries, unique construction, imposing high hill valley and Himalaya landscapes, where snow-capped mountains stand neighboring the shady ravine curl up in an opaque forest. You will ride to Thimpu and decipher the hidden treasure of Paro. This is a short but amazing trip to Bhutan, which will offer you an artistic awareness of Bhutanese folks

Best season to travel to Bhutan

Bhutan is in the midst of the Eastern Himalayas and bordered by Tibet, Sikkim, Chumbi Valley, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, and North Bengal. The high season months are March-May and September-November, while June, July, and December-February comprise the low season.

Pack your bag with cotton or light woolen wears in summer and heavy woolens and down jacket in winter.

Best places to visit in Bhutan


The capital city of Bhutan as well as remote shrines and temples nestled in the countryside. Here you can visit many shrines and temples.


The GasaDzong whose local name is Tashi Thing on Dzong is a citadel that dressed as a defense garrison during the 17th century. The country’s protecting deity is TashiThongmon and hence this barricade was titled after this immortal as an allegorical reference. The garrison is of an uncommon circular shaped methodic with three lookouts which are based at critical points in the structure.

Bhutan postal museum and paper making factory is place you can select postage stamp with your photos and send to your family.Bhutanese paper factory also popular in Thimpu build in 1990 by Royal government of Bhutan.Which represent Bhutanese paper making history.

Paro Rinpung Dzong is farm house built in 1645 now being used as an administration center and school for monks. Bhutanese farming and harvesting grains is unique feature of those areas.You can participate with their daily activities and intact with them.

Tiger's Nest Monastery hike.

Taktsang Monastry is known as ”Tiger Nest”.It takes 2 hr hiking to reach the monasteries depending your fitness level.After taking views and photos you will heading down to cafeteria it takes 1 hr to reach bottom of cafeteria following forest and meadow then take lunch in the bottom of the monasteries.Kyichu temple is popular temple build by songsten gampo at 7th century represent history of Bhutan.Traditional hotspring also popular in this area where you can fresh up your body with natural hot spring and release aches.

The Culture of Bhutan

Encouraged by its acquaintance and exclusively with a strong prestige of Tibet, the civilization of Bhutan is plainly celestial which can be explored with Three Diamond Adventure's Bhutan tour packages which are available online. The honor of their ancient culture and rituals are so strongly entrenched in the hearts of the Bhutanese folks that they show it with full of joy in and around their life. Along with our cost-effective priced Bhutan tour packages review how even their houses are renovated with prayer flags everywhere. The customs of Bhutan is very bright and is realized in their cultures. Join with Three Diamond Adventures to experience a whole new shadow in your new starting point with our Bhutan packages.

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